2019 Rules


WELCOME to Coho Bend Campground!  So that everyone has the most enjoyable experience here, we offer these RULES to guide your conduct and provide for the health, safety and general welfare of your fellow campers.  Every member/guest of your camp must adhere to the following: 

Use of the campground is for family camping only – no charter fishing or other business ventures are allowed unless authorized in writing by owners.

Please be respectful of others at all times!  Although QUIET HOURS are from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m., any unnecessarily loud noises, whether it is running a generator, playing your radio/TV too loud, allowing your pet to bark incessantly, out of control kids and/or the use of vulgar, lewd or obnoxious language will subject your camp to immediate and permanent loss of your camping privileges. Wi-Fi is free but please don’t be a bandwidth hog! Use of the Clubhouse is free but please clean up after yourself!  

The use of any FIREWORKS, SKY LANTERNS and DRONES and/or any type of FIREARMS is expressly prohibited.

ALCOHOL is permitted. However, excessive use of it or use of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated and will be reported to local authorities!  As solely determined by management, drunkenness, any disorderly conduct, illegal drug use, obscene language, any disrespectful/rowdy behavior by you, your guests, pets, children or anyone in your camp will subject you and your group to permanent loss of your camping privileges and immediate ejection without refund.

Your GUESTS are welcome, upon our approval. Management reserves the right to limit their time/activities.  It is your responsibility to be available to let them in upon their arrival.  Upon notification, overnight guests are welcome to stay in your RV, however only one (1) camping unit is permitted per site. Kid’s or small “weekender” type tents are welcome occasionally on your site if it doesn’t interfere with views/access. The tent must be promptly removed after the weekend.

QUIET AND WELL MANNERED PETS AND CHILDREN are allowed and welcomed at the campground. No more than two (2) pets per site.  KEEP YOUR PETS ON A LEASH, DO NOT ALLOW INCESSANT BARKING AND PICK UP AFTER THEM.  Pets/children must be with an adult at all times and kept under control. Unattended, aggressive or loud animals/kids will be considered a violation of these rules. CHILDREN must be carefully supervised to prevent any unfortunate accidents/socially irresponsible behavior.  Please pick up after your children and keep your sites clean, depositing your garbage in the dumpsters provided. Don’t burn garbage or throw it out for animals to eat!  

VEHICLES MUST travel no faster than 10MPH to insure a very safe and pedestrian friendly environment. Please limit WASHING CARS/TRUCKS ON SITE and carefully use gas and/or oil to avoid adding pollutants into the Manistee River. Low profile BOATS and TRAILERS that fit on your site easily are fine otherwise we will provide you with a spot to park your equipment. DO NOT PARK VEHICLES ON VACANT SITES.  ORV’s, motorized scooters or carts, other than those used by campground management, are not permitted. Use of plastic tarps for winter storage is not allowed; only custom fit cloth tarps are allowed and must be removed by the season open. Trailers must be fully functional (sewer, water, electric), hard-piped to sewer and maintained in safe operating condition

Our TREES are mature and we want them to be enjoyed for many years to come.  Please do not nail anything to them! Cutting/chopping peeling bark or damaging trees in any fashion is strictly prohibited.  Damage to ANY trees will be billed at a minimum of $250.00 per injury. Please help us preserve our trees for future generations!

Dry, affordable FIREWOOD is available for purchase.  Firewood is not permitted to be brought into the campground due to severe concern with the spread of Emerald Ash Borer. Please be responsible and use the fire rings provided, keep your fire a reasonable size and be sure that it is completely out before you leave the site or go to bed for the evening.  BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FIRES! 

To protect the underground water, sewer and electrical systems, you MUST have the owner’s permission for placement of satellite dishes, decks or any other item requiring digging into the soil.

 On-site STORAGE UNITS must have been pre-approved in writing from campground ownership and kept in fine repair.  FREEZERS/ REFRIGERATORS must be kept within your RV or the pre-approved storage unit. Individual WASHING MACHINES/DISHWASHERS are not permitted in units.

PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE in any of the buildings, including the restrooms.  Also, please be sure to PICK UP YOUR CIGARETTE / CIGAR BUTTS.


We want you to enjoy your experience with us and come back for many years to come.  By practicing the “Golden Rule” and respecting your fellow campers, as well as our beautiful surroundings, you can help prevent any actions which could cause us to ask you to leave, which we will not hesitate to do at our sole discretion! Management retains the absolute right in its sole discretion to DEMAND YOU LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY UPON VIO-LATION OF ANY OF THE ABOVE RULES BY YOU OR ANYONE IN YOUR PARTY WITHOUT OFFERING YOU A REFUND FOR THE MONIES YOU HAVE PAID.  Your camping here is a privilege, not a right. Please do not jeopardize the loss of this privilege. It is your responsibility to keep your camping units, vehicles, personal belongings, family members and guests insured. Coho Bend, its owners, agents or affiliated parties expressly disavows any liability whatsoever for any harm or damage to you, your party and/or your equipment.

Our PAYMENT POLICY requires reservations and full payment for your stay by the date on your invoice. No refund will be given for inclement weather, or when you stay less than the reserved days, or for ejection due to rules violations. ANY FORMAL DISAGREEMENT OR DISPUTE RESOLUTION MUST BE UNDERTAKEN AND FINALIZED IN MANISTEE, MICHIGAN. Management may publish and change rules as needed and defines all terms herein.

Thank you for your participation in helping us keep Coho Bend as the Premier Big Manistee River Resort.  We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

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